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It's not about us. It is always about you!

The Coffee shop for you. 

Elevenses is for all.  We are not just for a specific group or locality.  We thrive to be ubiquitous while always maintaining originality and celebrating all our of unique personalities.

Coffee Bean

The Right Combination of Beans

We decided to choose beans that have a great balance of fruitiness, boldness, and flavor.  We combined 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta medium and dark roast selected from fair trade market.  For a little subtlety, we have 100% Arabica available and it can be served decaf too.

Coffee Bean

Milk selections

Tailor your taste and nutrition needs to our milk options.  We have soy, almond, oat and regular milk.

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

We don’t just serve coffee.  We have flower based teas, blended with calamansi, milk, and other perfectly paired ingredients.  Iced teas (brewed tea leaves and not powder based) permeated with flavors like passion fruit, peach, and raspberry will cool  and refresh  your days.  Milk teas (yes, it’s real milk and real brewed tea,  again not powder based) served with boba in variety of flavors like the popular taro, matcha, real fruit puree (house blend), etc.  Check out our menu to see more options to enjoy perfectly with special someone.

Sugar + vitamins

We are a small family business and we believe in having the responsibility to take care of our family’s health and offer the options that are sugar free or less sweet.  We have available sugar free syrups, alternative sweeteners, and drinks that can we personalize to your sugar level requirements.

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Our Gallery and yours

Thank you for always taking the time to share your moments with Elevenses, your family and friends. For more shared photos, please go to our instagram page.


Our Story

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Our Team. Our Family.

We stay, learn and grow as a team, as a family. 

We follow our “Eleven Ingredients” – our set of culture and standards that defines our foundation of services and beliefs.

We can be shy – honestly.   But authentic nevertheless. We thrive to serve and try our best to with all our capabilities.  We are trained, equipped and empowered to always try harder. 


Alicia Boyde

Alicia Boyde


Jake Plotter

Jake Plotter

Head Barista

Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Staff Manager

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